Imports of goods and services into the zone, as well as exports of goods and services from the zone are free. Imported raw materials and semi-finished manufactures set aside for export, are exempted from duty and other import duties. Imported equipment, machines and construction materials are exempted from duty and other taxes. No value added tax (V.A.T.) on any of the activities within the free zone. User of the zone facilities can freely manage foreign currency, which is achieved by business operations in the zone
Beneficial interests of the zone users are established by FZ Law and they cannot be reduced by any other regulation. Imports of goods into the zone are duty free. Goods from the Zone can be placed to the home market at the customs clearance and other taxes. If the goods entering the customs area of Serbia are produced within the Zone, or exposed to manipulation at domestic ingredients’ sharing, duty is paid according to the rate of foreign ingredient within the goods. Import to the Zone and export from the Zone are completely free. I.e. customs quotas, import or export permissions, or other foreign-trade exchanges are not used; The goods imported from the Zone to the home market are liable to regular import system but if the home ingredient amounts minimum 50% of the aggregate value, such goods will be considered domestically produced. The goods from the Zone can be temporarily put on the rest of the home territory or they can be brought to the Zone for the finishing operations (processing, finishing, treatment, repairing, quality controls marketing presentations…), which enable possibilities of connecting with the domestic economy. Transfer of the profit achieved by the different activities in the Zone is free. Expropriation is not allowed at the Zone area. Users of the Zone facilities are able to rent, buy, or build themselves the production storages or office buildings.

How can one obtain the “operating in the Free Zone” status?

To obtain the status, your enterprise needs to:

  • to submit a signed request to the Free Zone, with a short indication of purpose, on the future activities
  • to include the photocopy of the judiciary registration of the firm.

After the short evaluation of the request, those concerned can sign a contract with the Free Zone and immediately start operating under the advantages the Free Zone offers.

What do we offer?

  • open and closed storage areas to let
  • offices to let
  • up and off loading of goods
  • other costumes services